Taking the first step

If after looking around my site you think I can help please do get in touch by phone or by email and we can discuss how hypnotherapy can benefit you. I don’t do hard sell. There will be no pressure to go any further with a consultation if you don’t want to and I’m happy to give advice free of charge until you want to proceed to a consultation.

If you decide you’d like to go ahead we can arrange an appointment at my consulting room. An initial consultation will last approximately ninety minutes and will involve a detailed history take. Depending on your problem it may be that one session is enough, however if there’s time we might also practice some self help techniques that you can use between sessions. Before we meet again I will use the information you give me to make a bespoke hypnosis script that I can either send to you as a recording or use during our next session.

The number of sessions required depends on the issue you have but I will be honest about how much work I feel we need to do together to achieve your goal.

Session and fees

An initial consultation will take between 60 and ninety minutes, with subsequent sessions about one hour. Each session costs £80. Depending on individual circumstances it’s hard to say how many will be required but my goal is always to promote effective, permanent change in as few a sessions as possible. I charge per session not per hour which means there’s no clock watching and when progress is being made you won't be rushed out of the door.

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