Hypnotherapy Services

I use a combination of Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Kinetic shift and Emotional Freedom Technique to provide an effective bespoke treatment package unique to every client. If you’re not familiar with what these are or indeed have never heard of them, don’t worry. It’s my job to know how they work and when to use them; it’s yours to benefit from them. Together, or individually, they can be used to alleviate some of the most common issues people might present with, such as emotional trauma, weight loss, smoking, lack of confidence or phobias. They can also be used to optimise performance in situations where we feel pressurised to deliver, such as in sport, business, public speaking, exams or interviews.

...but if you did want to know how it works.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy shies away from labelling people with the issue they have and instead targets the relationship they have with it. We do this, firstly, because no two reasons for having a problem are the same. For example it would be easy to label somebody who is unable to get on an underground train, a plane or anywhere that they feel hemmed in as being claustrophobic. However a consultation could reveal that instead of a fear of enclosed spaces, the clients’ issues lie with either an associated trauma, or a fear of not being in control, a causal link that even the individual might not be aware of. In other words the symptoms do not necessarily describe the cause and this is important because by identifying the true source of an issue we also identify the most effective way to treat it.

Secondly Cognitive Hypnotherapy believes that whenever we are at the mercy of whatever it is that bothers us, we are in a ‘trance’. Understanding what we mean by this is central to how we believe hypnotherapy works. The popular image of trance is of someone being ‘hypnotised’; to do something against their will or to occupy a ‘special state’ where they are not aware of what is going on around them. This definition is more applicable to the issue a person presents with, like a phobia or lack of confidence, than the technique employed by a therapist to resolve it. Therefore there is no pressure on you the client to become hypnotised. As a therapist the depth of trance I need to encourage to resolve the matter need only be as deep as the one that causes it.

What can I help with?

Sports Performance

Steve Curtis Hypnotherapy is looking for a select number of volunteers to take part in a program designed to improve performance in competitive sport. Using a combination of Hypnosis and Neuro-linguistic programming I will be working with participants to increase their potential and achieve more than they’ve ever done before in their chosen discipline.

This process is completely free of charge, all I require is a determination to succeed. If you’re a professional, semi-professional or just somebody who competes at sport with measurable outcomes, email me with brief details of what you do and why you want to take it to the next level.


No one is born anxious. We have to learn how to be. This might be by the influence of a loved one, the effect of a significant emotional event, or experiencing something when we are too young to interpret it in a rational adult way and fail to update that view as we get older. Over a prolonged period anxiety can be damaging to both the mind and body. Hypnotherapy can help identify the causal triggers and then re-programme the mind to either interpret the information it receives from the world around us in a different way, or to bring to the foreground everything that brings about a more positive way of thinking and disregard anything that promotes feelings of anxiety.


We all might look at the same thing but not necessarily see the same thing. What we mean by this of course is that we each have a different way of interpreting what we look at. We might all see a spider, the edge of a tall building, or a crowd of people, but depending on our interpretation, our reactions will be very different and in some cases debilitating. Hypnotherapy can help identify the root cause of a phobia and then update the software in our mind that matches it to a negative experience. In this way we interrupt the pattern that produces a phobic response and interpret it in a way that no longer causes us to panic.

Quitting smoking

..or any ‘habit.’ Which is the key word. Very often we are not aware which aspect of our ‘habit’ we are trying to give up. With reference to smoking it is not always the nicotine we are addicted to, especially if the initial reason for starting was something different like, for example, social acceptance. Quitting smoking, can usually only take one or two sessions of hypnotherapy to be effective, providing the root cause of the addiction is identified. The same principles can also be applied to effectively cure people of other habits such as, nail biting or teeth grinding but please feel free to give me a call to discuss any variations on a habit you want to stop.

Weight loss

A healthy life style should always be encouraged and hypnotherapy can certainly help focus the mind when it comes to eating right and motivating you to exercise regularly. However part of the ‘history take’ is to make sure the desire to lose weight is not tied to a negative body image which in turn might be rooted in another emotional issue. Once we have established a healthy objective and the possible cause of over eating, hypnotherapy can encourage your unconscious mind to enjoy eating sensibly and look forward to that trip to the gym.

As well as..

..almost anything really. Cognitive Hypnotherapy is as flexible as every issue is unique. If your particular issue doesn’t seem to fit into any of the categories above then please get in touch to discuss and find out how any of the techniques I use can help turn your life around and promote a more positive way of thinking.

From near or far

We've moved on a bit from swinging pocket watches in darkened rooms. Hypnosis doesn’t have to be quite so intimate and if distance is a problem or you’re unable to attend my offices, a consultation can always be carried out via Skype. Again, please get in touch to discuss.